All That Remains

by Driftglass

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Debut full-length from Driftglass featuring 9 dynamic tracks that display the band's wide range of influences and songwriting capability.

"Toronto-based progressive metal band, Driftglass, has its feet firmly planted in old school progressive rock while simultaneously embracing elements of catchy, modern heavy metal. On its first full-length album, All That Remains, the sextet shows off its diverse musical influences on its nine expansive tracks, recalling bands such as Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Yes and Rush, to name a few. The band could easily play technical prog metal in its sleep, but they also display more friendly, commercial-sounding elements. Each song is decorated with loads of melody accompanied by profound and reflective lyrics..." Kelly Simms -

"All That Remains both continues the tradition and stands on it's own merits by offering fine and entertaining melodic progressive metal. It's worth your time and interest. Recommended." Craig Hartranft -

"All That Remains is both melodic and adventurous and should provide hours of enjoyment for progressive rock/metal fans who choose to seek it out. I can safely recommend it without hesitation." Jon Neudorf -

Driftglass managed to create a solid album that sounds effortlessly catchy without striving too hard to be “a crowd pleaser.” Andrea Caaccese -

"All of the songs are of a length which allows them to grow and blossom into some neat prog rock. A blend of sounds that resemble music you might expect to find on any Tool, Mastodon, Rush or Porcupine Tree album." Allan Bannerman - POWERPLAY Magazine

"...but Driftglass finally came out with “All That Remains” (August, 2014) – An outstanding Prog-Metal album featuring 9 tracks that are marked by the dynamics, wide range of influences, and great songwriting capability – reflecting the maturation of the band’s sound. In fact, the distinctive styles that Driftglass imprints on each of the compositions, without mixing too much the sonic influences that arise from well-defined periods of time – the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s – is what gives a positive diversity to “All That Remains” – an album containing only great songs, which will impact the listener, however, more or less according to his/her tastes." Marcelo Trotta -

"They’re pretty much old school when it comes to their music as they head off into the world inhabited by Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, and early Rush. It’s awash with keyboards, heaving riffing and some really good vocals from Alvin Ihsani." Stuart Hamilton - The Rocker

"Highlights include the short beautiful melancholic ballad Evelyn plus Disconnected featuring guest vocalist Polyna Firer who proves a refreshing counterpoint, and my favourite The Unfolding (10-min); all splendid ambassadors of their versatility and musicianship." DK Classic Rock Society Magazine

"All That Remains is the first full-length album from Canadian prog-metal rockers Driftglass, and boy, do they come out of the gate swinging hard. This is quite an impressive statement from such a young band. The references are pretty obvious, including fellow Canadians Rush, seminal prog-metal group Dream Theater, and newcomers, Haken for their creative approach to the genre. But do not fear, this isn't a mere copycat band. What is so great about Driftglass is that there is a freshness in their approach to this familiar style. They add plenty of elements to the music that bring a different dimension, making the album far more interesting. " Nathan Waitman


released August 20, 2014

Produced & Mixed by Driftglass
Mastered at Metalworks studios by Chris Crerar

Recorded at Rivermill Studios
Drum Recording at Alcatrax Studios engineered by Chris Lysiak
Vocal Recording at Silverbrich Studios engineered by Ted Onyszczak
Guest vocals on Disconnected by Polyna Firer


all rights reserved



Driftglass Toronto, Ontario

Driftglass is a progressive hard rock and metal band based in and around Toronto, Canada. Drawing inspiration from a variety of classic and modern influences, Driftglass has released 2 full length studio albums and one EP since its inception in 2008. The band continues to write and perform today, with its most recent release - World of Conversation - available on all major streaming services. ... more

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Track Name: Insect In a Jar
A point in the sky
We follow the path we've chosen
A moment in time
And all my perceptions frozen
And far in the distant sky
I see the future fast unfolding
It must be the turning point
Returning the echoes that I've been holding

It's pulling me away
I never could explain
How we could still believe this illusion
You're telling me to go
But I would never know
How we could fall into this confusion

The lines in the sand
The memories of wandering oceans
The winds of uncertainty
Will spare me from that emotion
And far in the distant sky
A burning light is calling out to me
I follow the vapour trail
It leads me to the endless sea

It's fate
It's pulling me away
I never could explain
How we could still believe this illusion
You're telling me to go
But I would never know
How we could fall into this confusion

But you are still a prisoner
An insect in a jar
Pressed against the glass
There's no one else but you in here
And this is all you are
Captive by the hand of fate
It's pulling me away
I never could explain
I never could explain

It's pulling me away
I never could explain
I never could explain
Track Name: Thrown Out To Shore
A fool is being ushered in
Into a room of smiles and grins
Sits and waits to be re-born
So unknowing and unknown
Youth gone astray

A suited man who's clear as glass
Promises but never trusts
Leans back to fix his tie
Smiles and says "I'm your guy"
Just sign on the line

The roads cross and hold me at bay but forward we march
They say you should seize the day, let your heart guide the way to bliss

Help me understand these tides that are pulling me both ways
What if there's no promised land? Is this dream just a cliché?

How much for your word?
How much for your pride?
How much would it cost to buy you out?
How much for your love, or just your spite?
Just tell me son, what is your price?

In the brink of night
He stepped into my room
And whispered in my ear
"The seeds of regret, are the roots of your demise"

Left behind my best years I've wasted
All the time that I had to understand
The riddles of life left me trapped and helpless
But I thought I knew it all

Time to go, my dear child
Kiss the rising sun goodbye now
Cry what's left to cry about
Don't look back
It's too late now

Nothing waits behind this door
The tides have thrown me out to shore
Track Name: Evelyn
Pallid hands that reach to me
How you feed upon the sympathy
And your eyes grow dimmer with every passing day
How the fragile seams of this waking dream
Tear away in vain in the midnight rain
All the memories seem to drift so far away

She shuffles through the parkway in the never-ending rain
She's being held a prisoner in a cell within her brain
The years may change forever but the melody remains
Let it turn - musical box

And the gilded cage is standing still on the windowsill
She turns away
She is staring into empty space, into heaven's gate
She can't remain alone
Who are you?
Who are you that draws me from my home?

She shuffles through the parkway in the never-ending rain
She's being held a prisoner in a cell within her brain
The years may change forever but the melody remains
Let it turn
She searches for the answers to the riddles in her brain
She's been asleep for decades, but her dreams have never changed
The years may pass forever but the melody remains
Let it turn - musical box
Track Name: Devil Of My Dreams
Staying alive
Despite odds and chances
Dodging the strike
By the skin of my teeth

Pulse in my head
As my heart is racing
Pain in my chest
It’s getting harder to breath

I’m almost there!
The sun is arising
I take one more step
And try to hold on

To find a way
To live through this

What is this dream
This cyclical nightmare
What is this dread,
To which I’m confined

Darkness subsides
Envelops my being
It overwhelms
Leaving me empty inside

Is this the end,
Or just an illusion
What is this fear,
That’s plaguing my mind

Suddenly, I feel a hollow emptiness,
It chills be to the bone
I cannot take this anymore

Like my life, will have no meaning,
As I’m insignificant to this earth
I cannot face this horror

Why, is this happening to me?
Track Name: My Last Lament
As I write these words my eyes slowly shut
Lies are the only truth and truth is all I've got
Like a feather in the sky I will lose myself to my existence
I'll embrace what lies beyond, I'll close my eyes and fall

Lost I slowly slip into quiet madness
And every memory becomes a star in the open sky

Breathe in the silence
Numb all guilt and pain
Removing my halo
I'm writing my last lament

Clinging to these walls
Feeling nothing but the cold
Trying to break free
As they close-in on me
Track Name: Disconnected
A sentence is spoken
It's only a whisper
So far in the distance
There's no one around
A girl in a painting
She's singing to music
But no one can hear her
There isn't a sound
And late in the summer
She tells me her secret
A face in the window
A voice in the night
It's just a perception
It's just an opinion
She's biding her time until the moment is right

When we're disconnected
Detached from all the world
When we're disconnected
Detached from all the world

It's just this connection
Perpetual motion
It's pulling me backwards
I'm tied to a stone
Umbilical union
It's just a dependence
Please take what you want but don't leave me alone
It's only the doorway to this house of deception
It's only the devil that pulls you away
It's just a perception
It's just an illusion
It's only the feeling that brought me here today

When we're disconnected
Detached from all the world
When we're disconnected
Detached from all the world
Track Name: The Rise
In violent seas lives creation and myth
Reality wonders its glorious realms
Explosions of light settle down with
Mysterious shadows, conceptions of dreams

Time solid as ice
Like glaciers it flows
These shapes come to rise
From dreams they arose

Watch towards the seas
Can you see there’s
Something in the depth
That’s quickly fading out of range
Silhouettes of history
Bring forth a coming change

Solidified tempest, leads them to the edge
Of brilliant patterns, which scourge through the land
Of towering walls, spreading out their roots
With weapons of metal, and statues of sand

Increasing each day
Corrupting the night
Controlling the land
The dark and the light

Somewhere far in time
This too will end and
They won’t know what hit them
On that fatal day
But two millennia is a
Long, long time to wait
In the end it won’t be them
That lay themselves to waste

We founded cities that stood through all storms
And fortified these walls, with our very blood
So stronger each day, will these empires grow
They can withstand heaven, but can they withstand us?

But now let’s rejoice
Spill wine on the floor
Corrupting the night
Till its gone to the core

Track Name: The Unfolding
At the foundation lies the rise of the Sun
Lighting the inevitable fall
In the dim red light the anthill grows, expanding
Always trying to spread out their walls

Ten Million sunsets, this land has witnessed
And if god can help them, they’ll see ten more

In a web of roads this land shall soon be covered
Torn apart and stripped of innocence
Fertilized by blood of their great wars
Religion clouds up our minds with ignorance

There may come a time, we’ll be living in shadow
But we’re not about to hold our breath
For now, we take pride in avoiding the struggle
In front of the hot warning flame

The rivers run dry, yet we’re drowning in water
Compressing the mud to the earth to the stone
Then leaving behind, frightful landscapes of slaughter
As we cover our eyes, from the blame

No longer able to support the unimaginable
Light (Dark) Rose (Fell)
Stirring the Dust
The instant spark that blinded us
Died just as fast

With little struggle, void of energy and hope the world lit
Up (Down) Flame (Ash)
Rubble and rust
To some it felt like many years
So little time has passed

So many prophesies, so many souls, so little all it
Meant (To) Us (Who)
Blindly believed
That we are chosen that this was
Designed to keep

After what felt like an eternity but merely was a glimpse
Of, what could have been
In solemn stance and silent dreams
Faded to sleep
Track Name: All That Remains
Remains… Smoke surrounds me, I’m in ruins
Of great cities which once flourished
Under innocence of rain
All that remains, bricks and stones of fallen towers,
Memories of skies and oceans,
Clouds of arrows gone astray

Did they ever think!
Did they ever stop, and see the sun
Will I ever know?
Is there anything I could have done?

(Wrong timing, lights the ruins)

What stood, for a hundred golden years
Now has fallen to the abyss,
Concurred by sin, and slowly lost in vain.
All that remains, is this legacy of chaos,
Silhouettes of granite giants
Weathered slowly by the rains.

He looked to the bright, scouring sun
How could it come to this, he asked
Silence had answered him
Everything in this hopeless land
Evermore void of life

He turned to the flame, chilling his
Face with the shadows of the past,
Turning away at once
And spreading out his wings
He stepped on this ground one last time.

And leaped, off the earth he once received,
For this his mind did not foresee
That the flame brought the end
To this flawed reality

There was nothing to defend,
Leaving this forsaken land
With the wind, here and gone
Spread your wings towards the sun

In the shadow of dawn,
I fear that we’ve gone too far to see the fall
In the time that is left,
I feel all that I regret, I’ll soon forget
Now that everything’s gone,
I fear it’s too late to learn from our mistakes
Though the spirit lives on,
Our time’s done, and memory is all… all that remains

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